Posture Matters!

May is National Posture Month and it’s a great time to consider spine health and postural habits in your growing child. Posture does matter after all, especially for kids as their spines grow and develop, as well as their postural habits. Bad posture can lead to a lot of problems, such as back pain, neck pain, decreased core muscle activation, and less efficient breathing. Healthy postural habits can go a long way to avoid unnecessary pain and improve body strength as your child develops. Here are some easy ways to improve your child’s postural health:

  • Keep screens, books, games, and homework at eye level to avoid slouching over

  • Prop books/i-pads up on pillows when sitting on the ground or in a chair

  • Use desks and tables that are just below arm level

  • Avoid staying in a sitting position for very long

  • Remember that the neck and head are important in spine posture, too

  • Do avoid slouching at the back, but also keep the head and neck straight as well

  • Participate in activities that improve back and core strength to make sitting straighter easier

  • Yoga!!!

  • Swimming

  • Animal walks

  • Dancing

  • Discuss posture as a family

Find something that you all can work on together to improve postural health! It’s good for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s posture, please give Therapy OPS a call at 651-455-0561.