Nontraditional therapy options offer a unique method of gaining progress that traditional therapy cannot offer.  Those offered by Therapy OPS target the the brain's plasticity (ability to change) in order to re-organize the brain.  Interactive Metronome and iLs can often result in significant progress simply by completing the program, but also aid in increasing the speed of progress from traditional therapy.  Progress varies from person to person and depends on several factors (age, ability, disorder, participation, commitment, etc). 

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome

IM is a therapeutic software with a game-like interface that keeps score with each exercise to measure progress.  We are able to modify the challenge and difficulty level as needed to ensure success and decrease frustration and/or boredom.  

It is an evidence-based therapy that improves cognition and motor skills, especially:

  • attention
  • coordination
  • language processing
  • reading and math fluency
  • control of impulsivity/aggression

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Therapeutic Listening Therapies

These programs are based on the premise that healthy self-regulation, processing and motor skills are dependent upon a mature and properly integrated nervous system. When the nervous system is immature or faulty, the flow of information between the brain’s two hemispheres and/or integration of sensory information from the visual, auditory and motor systems can be disrupted.  We currently offer Integrated Listening Systems - iLs - and will soon be adding Therapeutic Listening®.


As a result, many problems can arise, including:

  • poor impulse control
  • deficits in attention and concentration
  • poor academic performance
  • challenges with balance, coordination and motor control
  • poor auditory and sensory processing 

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