Kindness Is Contagious

When we think of teaching our children, we often think of things like teaching them how to spell, write, tie their shoes, among a million other daily lessons. What about teaching kindness? Is this something we do outright or hope that they pick it up along the way? Teaching children kindness can have immediate consequences, such as a higher acceptance rate by their peers, and a long-term effect that carries with them into adulthood. Practicing kindness also has the added benefit of decreasing violence and bullying. Children have the tendency to pick up on what we are doing as adults, making it extra important that we practice kindness in our daily life, but it is also fun to make a special day dedicated just to kindness.

On Sunday, it is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. This is often geared towards adults but can just as easily be done by kiddos! We have created a list of different ways for children to participate in the fun and it makes a great day for a fun lesson!

• Have your child bring denotations to a local shelter. This can be supplies that you have bought, their old clothes that do not fit anymore or maybe toys that don’t get used much anymore!

• Make and give a card to someone

• Give someone a compliment or make a day full of compliments

• Visit someone who could use some company

• Ask to volunteer at a local animal shelter

• Hold the door open for someone

• Leave a happy letter in a library book

• Write a thank you note for your mail carrier

• Set the table for dinner

• Set bubbles on someone’s doorstep

• Tape change to a parking meter

• Give your teacher school supplies

• Give your friends high fives

• Smile

• Call your grandparents

• Bring treats to the local fire or police station

• Share a favorite toy

While it is fun to have a special day dedicated to doing something kind, any of these things and more can be done any day and will help brighten the day of someone else in the world! Kindness is contagious!