Fun Around the House

Fun is all around the house!

Unsure of what to do with those empty shoe boxes or empty plastic milk jugs? What about the pressure of having the need to go and buy the latest and greatest toy? Have no fear! With the help of our Speech Pathologists, not only have we identified everyday objects found around the house but ways you can incorporate learning and language that will engage your child and hopefully, forget the need to buy the hot new toy at the store.

More likely than not you have the following objects around your house. Put them to good use and try replicating the activities listed below.

Legos/Blocks- Build a tower, house, or ship; stack the Legos/blocks to see how high they’ll go

Great for: Following directions, Quantitative concepts

Popsicle Sticks- Create a bookmark; magic wand out of stickers, markers, and yarn; photo frame or dolls with yarn for clothes and markers for the face; glue sticks together to make a raft

Great for: Following directions, Basic Concepts (colors and body parts)

Shoe Boxes- Create a treasure chest; create a house or room in a house for Lego men or dolls.

Great for: Following directions, giving directions (e.g. put mom IN the chair), Spatial concepts (in/out), asking/answering ‘wh’ questions (Where is the doll?)

Egg Cartons- Use an egg carton to create mini helicopter(s), egg carton wreath or bouquet, egg carton flower bed, egg carton caterpillar, or egg carton mask.

Good for- Imaginative play, following directions, imitate animal

Plastic Milk Jug - Cut to create a scooper or shaker by adding beans, rice or popcorn kernels

Good for- Adjectives (full/empty; heavy/light), Spatial concepts

Pots and Pans- Pretend they are instruments

Good for- Pretend play, rhythm patterns or counting to the beat can they pick up where you left off or complete the phrase/verse.

Outdoor Play- make a sand pie; bury feet or hands and have the sand erupt; could do the same with mud; place items (leaf, rock, button, etc.) in the mud and see if the child can locate the items; make a leaf pile

Good for- Following directions; Sensory; Locations (in, up, down); Adjectives (smooth/rough; big/little; crunchy/soft)

Blankets and Pillows - Peek – a – boo; create a fort and sleep in the fort or read in the fort.

Good for- Following directions; Problem solving

Crayons and Paper Draw people to identify body parts; squiggles for speech sounds (e.g. ‘s’ or ‘w’)

Good for- Body parts; Imaginative Play, following directions with location concepts – ‘draw a cloud at the TOP of the paper’

Clothes- Use mom or dad’s clothes to dress – up in; old dance recital costumes; or old prom or bridesmaid dresses

Good for- Imaginative Play

Have fun with it! You might surprise yourself with how creative you can be with any of the above mentioned items or items not mentioned. Don’t forget to take a picture or let your therapist at TOPS know how using an every day item around the home created priceless entertainment and learning!