The Importance of Simple Sentences

This month, the speech department meeting focused on an article about sentence development. Typically, simple sentences emerge between 24-26 months of age. At this time, a child transitions from simply combining words (more please) to using short sentences that have a subject and verb (I eat). As they progress, you will notice that they go from using first-person singular pronouns (I, me) to third-person singular pronouns (you, she), and finally to plural forms (they).  An example of this progression is “I eat grapes”, “she eats grapes”, and “they eat grapes”. Paying attention to the sentences your children use can be a great way to monitor vocabulary growth and grammatical development. Finally, this information relates to a previous blog post and article, where we discussed the importance of modeling and speaking in complete sentences. The more adults speak in complete sentences, the more vocabulary and grammar models children get.

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