Cabin Fun for Everyone

With summer time officially here, we are seeing many families heading up the cabin. Cabins are a time for family fun and a break from the real world…and didn’t you know, a great time to work on therapy?! While it is a great time to rest and relax, we need to remember that therapy is still important! We understand that it can be hard to think of ways to include therapy while on vacation, but not to worry, we have come up with a list for you! Also, they are all FUN and meant for the cabin! 

For sensory play- 
-Play in the sand! You could play with both wet and dry for two different experiences.
-Play dough: allow putting on windows, tic-tac-toe on window with dots of playdough, add salt/sand to playdough
-Nature scavenger hunt: find various items (pine cone, leaf, smooth rock, bumpy rock, grass, flower, etc.). Following directions can be incorporated into this!
-Sensory bags. Large zip lock bags filled with various goodies, you could hang on the windows for additional ‘visual’ bonus from the light/sunshine. You could use water beads, leaves/acorns/grass, hair gel, dry foods (beans, rice, noodles). You could also add in little toys for them to move the other good around for them to try and find.
-Freeze small figurines in an ice block, give kiddos tools to ‘free’ their favorite little toys (dinosaurs, princesses)
-Shaving cream play (can do outside for easier clean up) … jump in the lake after for the easiest clean up!

For self-regulation (looking for more info on this topic? Read our last blog post!)
-Go on animal hunts and ‘walk’ like that animal (hop like a frog, while you look for frogs-or-slither like a snake while you look for snakes, bears, etc..)
-Pull hose around yard to water plants
-Draw with chalk
-Pull wagon/sled with someone or something in it
-Climb a tree
-Build a fort
-Dig in dirt/garden to ‘plant’ things
- Have them help roll logs around or help carry firewood to the firepit (not in!)
- Use a wheel barrel to tote stuff around

-Describing different things at cabin. Ex- Fish- slimy, wet, brown
-Articulation- word for each rock skip. Find things at the cabin that start with the sounds they are working on
-Stories around the fire, then ask them questions about the story when it is done
-Sequencing for what they want to do for the day or what they did for the day

If you are going on vacation and looking for more specific ideas or just have general questions or comments, give us a call at 651-455-0561 or email us at