Feeding isn't Easy

Feeding for most of us can seem like an easy and natural task, but for some, it can be much trickier. For successful feeding, you first need to develop the skills to manage a variety of foods. For some kids this may not come naturally. Think about trying to jump into a pool without knowing how to swim—you’ll struggle without having the skills needed to stay afloat.  Injury, illness or developmental delays are some of the reasons children may lack feeding skills.  Please look at the video posted at (https://youtu.be/X7jHRR1MJRc) for an example. Here, you can see that the child is having to use his fingers to hold the food in his mouth and move it around, something that is typically done by the tongue, teeth and lips. Here at TOPS, we are working with him to develop the strength and oral motor skills needed to progress with feeding skills. By doing this, he will be able to eat a variety of foods to grow healthy and strong.

If you have any feeding questions or concerns, please contact a TOPS therapist.