Superflex Curriculum Resources

The Superflex Curriculum is a great tool for teaching younger kids social skills.  It helps take the pressure off of the child by teaching them that we all have a team of Unthinkables that hinder our ability to take other people's perspectives.  The creators, Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner, recommend the curriculum for grades 2nd-5th, however I have used the information with children as young as 4 (depending on their cognitive level and emotional maturity).  The following handouts are meant to enrich the curriculum.  Be sure to click on the book above to visit the Social Thinking website with all of their amazing materials.

Superflex and The Unthinkables Books, Activities, and More!
Rock Brain 
Brain Eater
Worry Wall
Body Snatcher
Topic Twistermeister
One-Sided Sid
Energy Hare-y
Mean Jean
Grump Grumpinany
Destroyer of Fun
Space Invader

Superflex and the Unthinkables Prezi for students
Superflex and The Unthinkables Prezi for adults
Short Prezi introducing Superflex
People are always thinking about us Prezi
Expected and Unexpected Behaviors in School Prezi

Think Social Vocabulary Think Social Vocabulary based the Michelle Garcia Winner's, Think Social Curriculum


Video modeling is an integral part of Therapy OPS's social skills groups. It is one on the most effective ways of teaching social skills and other positive behaviors for individuals on the Autism spectrum. While there are videos out there for purchase, we have always preferred using our own video collection. We try to choose age appropriate TV shows and videos that the participants enjoy and are motivated by. The videos often show an example of the "expected" and "unexpected" behaviors, to which we then pause and discuss with the group.

It is our goal to have several examples for each topic listed below; however this might take some time. Once you start tuning in to the idea of video modeling while watching shows and movies, you will notice that one episode or movie can be used as a teaching tool for many skills.

Therapy OPS word of Caution: Use caution when using some of these clips, as not all are appropriate for every age/maturity level. This is especially true for The Big Bang Theory. Time should be taken to watch each clip prior to showing it to the child to ensure there are no inappropriate topics or jokes.  

Apologizing Video Models

Basic Conversation skills: Supportive Comments, Asking Questions, Adding our thoughts

Body Language

Blurting (When the thinking bubble pops) Video Models

  • Incredibles: scene 10

  • The Lorax - 20:10 (Interrupting)

  • Parenthood (season 4, episode 1): within first 5 minutes

Complimenting & Accepting a Compliment Video Models

Competitiveness (Defeater of Fun) Video Models

Dealing With Loss Video Models

Encouraging Others Video Models


Eye contact Videos:

  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - S02E04 - Heck's Kitchen: Good episode to show eye contact in different situations (sitting next to each other, behind each other, etc)

Expected/Unexpected Behavior Video Models

Flexible Thinking (Rock Brain) Video Models

Figurative Language/Idioms Video Models

  • Parenthood (season 4 ,episode 2): within last 30 minutes

  • Parenthood (season 4, episode 3): within first 5 minutes

Gratitude Video Models

  • Parenthood (season 4 ,episode 2): within last 30 minutes

Greetings Video Models

Humor/Joking (WasFunnyOnce) Video Models

Impulse Control Video Models

Lying Video Models

Manners Video Models

Mean Jean Video Models

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Dog Days – pool scene where the girl asks the lifeguard a question

  • We Bare Bears: Great clip that has 4+ unthinkables: rock brain, worry wall, mean jean, and topic twistermeister:

Motives Video Models

One Sided Sid Video Models

Personal Space (Space Invader) Video Models

Perspective Taking Video Models

Predicting Video Models

  • Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave

  • Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

  • The Princess Bride-especially the scene where the Dread Pirate Roberts faces off with Vizzini the Sicilian over whose cup has the poison.

Problem/Reaction Size (Glassman) Video Models

Small Talk Video Models:

Talking Too much/Too Little:

Topic Maintenance (Topic Twistermeister):

Turn taking Video Models

  • Incredibles-scene 17 (conversational turns), 20-24 (take turns using the remote)

Tone of Voice Video Models

Self-Advocacy Video Models

  • Parenthood (season 4, episode 3): within last 5 minutes (Max decides he's going to run for student counsel so he can try to get what he wants at school)

Siblings Video Models

  • Parenthood (season 4, episode 1): within first 10 minutes

The Social Fake Video Models

The Social Filter Video Models

Uncomfortable thoughts Video Models          

  • Parenthood (season 4 ,episode 3): 15:45

  • Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is trying to train Penny

  • Big Bang Theory: talking about religion and talking about Howard's clothes (Raj swears at 3:04 when he's over-reacting)

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Dog Days

    • last day of school scene-Greg has to share a textbook with another student

    • First morning of Summer break scene-Greg’s dad has uncomfortable thoughts about Greg expected behavior

    • Car trip to the shore scene

    • Scene at the lake house where they play “I love you because”

Whole body listening Video Models

  • Incredibles- Scene 5, Scene 7

Working Together Video Models

Halloween Videos

The videos used on this page are meant for educational purposes only.