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Progress Through Play

Worried about your child's speech/language, behavior, sensory, or motor skills???? We're here to help! 651-455-0561


Progress Through Play

Worried about your child's speech/language, behavior, sensory, or motor skills???? We're here to help! 651-455-0561

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 Understanding our sensory world in-service

October 13th, 6:30-8:00

Do you want to learn more about our sensory systems? Our occupational therapists are hosting a free in-service to talk about our 7 sensory systems, signs of dysfunction, and strategies to help regulate them. Call or email to register Walk ins welcome. 

Donate to Fiona's hope  

Our monthly charity

This month we are collecting donations for Fiona's Hope, a nonprofit that makes tote bag care packages for families that are experiencing an unexpectedly extended hospital stay with their sick child. For a list of suggested donations, click here.

Calling all physical therapists!

now hiring

Therapy OPS is hiring a part or full time physical therapist that loves working with children and making a difference in their family's lives. Interested candidates must have valid MN licensure and 1 yr experience is preferred. Email resumes to


who we are

All of us at Therapy OPS have a passion for working with children of all ability levels. We believe all children are treasured and have an innocence that should not be stripped away because of a disability. Throughout their careers, our therapists have helped hundreds of families through this journey by listening, teaching, referring, and investing in your future.  We aren't here just to help with walking, talking, and learning; we're here to help your family exceed the expectations others use to limit them.


How can we help?


Therapy OPS begins the listening process with your first call.  We will ask you detailed questions about your child and family so we can best serve you from the first time you walk in the door.  At your initial evaluation, we will ask open-ended questions and rely on your input to set treatment goals.  We ensure there is time set aside during every therapy session to discuss any questions you may have.  Additionally, we schedule conferences regularly to check in and hear how we can improve on our goal of helping your family. 


We teach families what they can do at home to help increase progress on the therapy goals.  Plain and Simple....wrong!  Not only do we discuss each therapy session with parents and teach them techniques for outside the clinic, we offer parenting skills classes, support groups, free in-services, and advice for siblings or unrelated issues. We help treat the situation, not the problem. 


Therapy OPS is committed to staying informed and on top of the latest therapy techniques and modalities to help your family.  This not only includes the therapy options we offer, but also other specialists, schools, and treatments.  Looking for a nutritionist, psychologist, or alternative ways to treat ear infections?  Ask your therapist and we will do our best to provide you with a detailed list of recommendations.  


Because of the nature of our fields, we don't have an option but to become invested in your children and family.  Children are our passion and when you start your therapy journey, your child steals our heart.  While you're in the waiting room, look around.  Often you will notice therapists are just as excited as parents when a milestone has been achieved (no matter big or small).  We cry when you cry, whether they are happy or sad tears.  It is often a bittersweet day for our therapists when your child graduates from therapy!  By investing in your child, we are also investing in your community.  Ask us about the other ways that we contribute to our community, like volunteering, holding food and clothing drives, and increasing awareness of all ability levels.

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Therapy OPS is an outpatient therapy clinic that is committed to working with families and individuals who are affected by:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mental Health Disorders 

Degenerative Disorders/Diseases

Pain treatment

Articulation Disorders

Sensory Disorders

Down Syndrome

Language disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury


Swallowing Disorders

Feeding Disorders

Hearing Loss




Voice Disorders



Our traditional therapy options include:

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Every family should feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with the care received at Therapy OPS.



Every family should feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with the care received at Therapy OPS.

Therapy OPS is committed to providing high quality, family-focused intervention to help those in the community reach their highest potential in an effective, efficient, and compassionate manner. 



Family Focused

Family Focused



In order to fulfill our mission, Therapy OPS will:

  1. Continue to enhance staff expertise by attending and providing professional trainings each year.

  2. Provide family focused intervention for all clients, regardless of age, ability, or family structure.

  3. Provide innovative, but affordable therapy options for families.

  4. Make a difference in the community by volunteering and donating.